Wednesday, 2 January 1980

The Challenge: Progress

This is a page that I will be updating regularly as a record of my progress and tactics for the items of the challenge. Updated 06/05/2010.

1- Handstand Push up (Free standing)

My Free standing handstand is now over a minute and I can perform just four (I know, it's not great but I'm shite at overhead presses and that's four times better than where I was two weeks back) strict form reps of the headstand push up while spotted for balance. My aim is to increase overall training volume (reps per session) until I reach a stage where I can perform ten strict reps in a set (No arch in the back). From there, I will begin to gradually increase the range of motion by raising the hands on books, not progressing to the next level until ten reps are achieved once more.

2- One armed chin up (Underhand grip)

Achieved in November 2007. Can perform just one rep.

3- One armed pull up (Overhand grip)

Achieved in November 2007. Can perform just one rep.


4- Box Splits

No progress

5- Front splits

I haven't been practising these for six months (around November 2009) but at that time I was very close after a good warm up. Will begin training these once again immediately.

6- Front Lever

Close but no cigar. Have stopped training it as it was fatiguing me for the Iron Cross. 

7- Planche

No progress. I have achieved the Handstand straddle press which i believe to be an important early stepping stone for this skill.

8- The Flag

Achieved February 2010. Awaiting video link. I actually managed it sometime in summer 2009 but lacked a confirmation from someone else.

9- Dragon Flag

Achieved November 2009.

10- Iron Cross

Slow progress. I am training it at least twice a week now but am yet to reach my peak level from last year.