Saturday, 3 July 2010

Training Status Update 5 - The Fruit Of Labour


The Handstand Push Up

It's now been ten weeks since I began training the handstand push up and progress is fairly steady. Each session lasts one hour so I allow plenty of rest (five to six minutes) between sets. I kick up into handstand where my spotter holds me in position and counts reps as I do the push ups. He checks for proper straight backed form and disregards bad reps.

I began just doing them on the floor so that the bottom of the rep is where my head touches the ground. In the last few weeks I've extended the range of motion (ROM) by raising my hands. On this basis, I measure increased ROM in the admittedly dubious unit of "Childrens Encyclopedia Britannica" whereby +2 corresponds to 2 books beneath my hands. This raising of the hands extends the range of motion by giving the head longer to travel before the ground stops it.

I now begin each session with a normal set on the ground and then proceed to do the following nine sets with increased ROM. When I am able to do ten repetitions with 2 books, I will add another 2 books and continue with the same pattern.

Thanks to this training I am now able to push up into handstand without a spot in a variety of different positions. I still can't do three consecutive reps though which is the criteria for ticking it off my list.

The Handstand Straddle Press

This one is pretty much in the bag, I will post a video shortly. I can usually do it when I'm fresh now but need to fine tune the techique.

The Iron Cross

Just practising regularly on the rings to condition the elbows. It's feeling more stable each session.This one is going to continue to take a while.  

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  1. Holy crap my friend. Impressive stats at that table of yours. When do you think your able to do them freehand? I can imagine that it's a bit harder :(