Friday, 20 February 2009

The Challenge

Welcome to my blog. This blog began as a facebook group but, inspired by another blogger, I decided that updates would be easier on here.

This is the challenge I have set myself and anybody who wishes to join: I picked ten of the most difficult basic core, upper body, balance and flexibility techniques to work over the coming years. If anyone would like to join me in working any of them, or can already do one or more, i'd be interested to hear about it.

1- Handstand Push up (Free standing)
2- One armed chin up (Underhand grip)
3- One armed pull up (Overhand grip)
4- Box Splits
5- Front splits
6- Front Lever
7- Planche
8- The Flag
9- Dragon Flag
10- Iron Cross

The Rules
1- The Handstand push up must be performed without support, and you must complete three reps to claim it (Touching head to floor on each).

2-The one arm chin and pull ups must be the full range of motion from a straight arm and without momentum or aid.

3-They must be completed with both hands (obviously not at the same time) before you can lay claim to it.

4- Box splits and scissor splits must be performed with backside and legs flush against the ground

5- The planche must be straight armed, elbow levers do not count. It must be held for ten seconds to pass.

6- The Front lever must be straight armed, reverse levers, whilst still impressive, do not count. It must be held for ten seconds to pass.

7- The Flag must be performed ninety degrees to the floor and on a vertical apparatus. Must be held for ten seconds.

8- Dragon flags must be performed in a set of three to count with legs stopping six inches off the bench.

9- The iron cross must be held for five seconds. Arms must be straight with the head up. Must be performed on rings.

I will keep the blog up to date with my progress on each of the skills I'm working on. I've been working on several for some time.


Good luck to all!!


  1. RICHIEEEEE !!!! Congrats on ur new blog boy !! and ur first entry !! thats quite a spirited list of goals there Rich and I wish you all the very best !! hope to see you progress towards em faster than u'd imagined to :) .. n i like the theme dude ... like the look of this blog...probably the only part here i can actually comment on/discuss with you hehe :D GOOD LUCK RICH !!

  2. Diego ConceicaoAugust 25, 2009

    I am gona take the challegue to. Thank for the post I will tell you when i win the challenge