Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Friendly Competition

I haven't posted for a while and am well overdue for a training status update. However, training hasn't been great since I moved to Queenstown, New Zealand and the party capital has taken it's toll on my disciplined training.

As a motivational kick, I have decided to learn a new skill now that the handstand  straddle press is basically there. The skill is The Breakdance Flare.

But in the absence of any training partners (everyone here is too drunk at 5am when I get off work and start training) my motivation for such a task could do with a boost. So I have issued a challenge to fellow handbalancer Tor-Martin from www.on-hands.com to see which of us can learn the flare first. Friendly competition is a fantastic drive for learning a new skill and I'm already looking forwards to my next session working it.

For the purpose of the competition, "Learning the Flare" will be defined as five complete rotations from the start position without touching the ground or retracting a leg.

Good luck Tor!