Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Training Status Update 1

OK, so I haven't posted in quite some time now. I think all but the most gifted blogger -and I don't presume to be among their ranks- comes up against the quality/frequency hurdle. On one hand, you want to post regularly, weekly, even daily if possible. On the other, you want every post to be of such remarkable quality, brimming with well ordered, structured content so as to separate it from the hordes of useless tripe and advertising multiplying on the internet daily.

That having been said, I now have more time to dedicate towards writing articles on here, having been distracted by the soon to be over climbing competition season and a new business involving teaching strength and conditioning techniques to climbers.

So I have reached a compromise. I will write a Training Status Update once a month detailing my progress with The Challenge and training in general. These will be accessible through the links on the right hand side of the page.

2009 Training Summary

I began training the Iron Cross and Front Lever at the beginning of January 2009. Using the rings training aid until July and combining it with pure rings sessions after that to prepare the elbow joints for the load (the ring training aid removes stress from the elbows thus failing to train them). I was making steady progress until winter hit, along with a busy climbing competition season and seasonal apathy.

Despite this, the two month rest appears to have improved my attempts at the cross. While I can't lift as much on the training aid, I've actually improved on the pure rings! I've put this down to the elbows having undergone conditioning and then a recovery period. Elbow pain was becoming more regular in October and stopping training was probably the best option.

The Front Lever was getting close at around the same time but I have experienced a loss of strength with it now due to the rest. I believe that the strength will return quicker than it originally took to gain.

I also achieved the Dragon Flag which I can now do pretty easily.

A good year and one that will probably begin to yield results by mid 2010 assuming continued training with that renewed new year vigour.