Monday, 26 October 2009

The Dragon Flag

I recently achieved the Dragon Flag which is item nine on my list. I've left it a couple of weeks to Iron out the glitches in technique and form before posting this video.

The Dragon Flag was first developed by Bruce Lee who performed it as part of a gruelling daily core training routine which included, allegedly, a thirty minute V-sit hold! It was later seen in Rocky 4 during the Russian training montage.

There is a lot of debate as to the "proper form" of the Dragon Flag with many believing that a curved body is cheating and others believing it to be correct form. Coach Christopher Sommer agrees with the latter; he states that dragon flags "are performed with an arch throughout the back which makes their performance significantly easier". He calls the straight form variation (above) the Body Lever.

I personally find it easier to label them all under the title "Dragon Flag" and to aspire always to progress towards the most difficult variant. From here I will begin practising the Dragon Flag off the edge of a bench so that my body can go below the horizontal and then perhaps with added weight.

Note: If your reader does not support video, you can find the video here.

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  1. Bloody hell, Richard Bartlett. Bloody hell.