Sunday, 6 September 2009

Slow Muscle Up on the Rings

 After capitulating to the demands of her majesties finest (can you believe the Police would threaten to arrest us for hanging rings from "The Queens Trees" in Hyde Park due to a law passed in the 1600's?!), my friends and I decided to set up our rings in the specially designed training area on Primrose Hill.

After the usual training session -Progressions for the Iron Cross, Front Lever, Inverted Muscle Up etc- we had a shot on a super slow muscle up. Here's mine. Please comment.


  1. nice one sweetie,

    i cant imagine the queen would *really* mind if a group of topless, muscle bound men decided to make use of her trees. In fact, im sure she'd quite enjoy it ;) nikki xXx

  2. Hi

    I can't believe they stopped you, so out of order what better uses are their for trees except perhaps to hang trafic wardens from.

    Luke Bream

  3. Well said Luke. It's nice to hear from someone with similar sentiments to myself on issues like training, trees, political liberty and most importantly, Traffic Wardens!!

    Except you Steve if you ever happen to read this;)

    I am thinking of marching on Buckingham palace over this! Thanks for the comment Nikki! I'm sure she'll enjoy said men climbing up the walls of her palace in protest too;)